Grumpy Cat's All About Miserable Me

ISBN: 9780486807447

Author: Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth    Publisher: Dover Publications

Grumpy Cat wants to know about you, and here's your chance to tell everything! Nobody cares about your complaints — except Grumpy Cat! Let everyone's favorite cranky feline make suggestions for revealing your pet peeves. Grumpy will encourage you to draw the ugliest sweater, make a list of the grossest foods, draw three people you sorta kinda like (love is a strong word), and gripe to your heart's content.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 210 x 280 mm

Publication Date: 18-07-2016

Availability Date: 30-09-2016

Tags: July 2016   Childrens (All)   Humour & Gift

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