Great Escapes Mediterranean. The Hotel Book. 2020 Edition

ISBN: 9783836578097

Author: Angelika Taschen    Publisher: Taschen

The azure-blue Mediterranean restores the body, mind and soul! Discover the most breathtaking destinations and places to dream of in this updated, lavishly illustrated book: from the cave-like suites at Perivolas, in a majestic position high above the Aegean on Santorini, to the Hôtel Le Corbusier in Marseille, a place of pilgrimage for lovers of architecture. Every hotel is presented with spectacular photos, a short text and essential information such as the address and directions for arriving, as well as tips for books to pack.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 360

Dimensions: 238 x 302 mm

Publication Date: 31-10-2020

Availability Date: 28-02-2021

Tags: March 2021   Autumn Gift Fair 2021 - Design / Architecture / Gift   Travel

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