English Puddings

ISBN: 9781909166233

Author: Mary Norwak    Publisher: Grub Street

With an already cult-like following, this book is described as the definitive guide to puddings; both sweet and savoury. Mary Norwak’s English Puddings is now being reissued as part of Grub Street’s classic range, to adorn bookshelves alongside the highly acclaimed cookery writers, Elizabeth David and Jane Grigson. This delightful book offers a fascinating insight into the story of the pudding from its birth to the final bake. It is organised by pudding type ranging from: Jellies, Blancmanges and Flummeries, to Dumplings, Pies and Tarts. Containing recipes for all the firm favourites, from the tried and tested Steak and Kidney pudding and the festive Christmas pudding, to the lesser know, but equally delicious, Peterhouse Pudding and Devonshire Apple Drugget. Proudly flying the flag for heritage fare, this book both redefines and revives a culture of hearty, unfussy plates of delicious slow cooked stewed meats and gently poached seasonal fruits. Norwak is a writer who frequents the shelves of many a kitchen, both the modern and traditional, as well as the professional and amateur alike. With helpful hints and presentation tips throughout, this book will turn even the novice into a pudding prodigy. ‘Pudding fanciers need to arm themselves with a collection of recipes… Best of the lot is Mary Norwak’s glorious little book English Puddings.’ Nigel Slater

Bind: hardback

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Publication Date: 20-04-2015

Availability Date: 10-06-2015

Tags: April 2015   Cooking, Food & Drink

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