Classic Africa

ISBN: 9783832793746

Author: Michael Poliza    Publisher: TeNeues

Home to perhaps the most diverse fauna on Earth, Africa is where you'll find majestic giraffes, impish chimpanzees and endearing cheetah cubs, just to mention a few. This collection of artistic duotone prints showcases a widely diverse animal kingdom. Enjoy a unique pictorial safari as you marvel at some of the planet's most remarkable creatures. Michael Poliza is a true adventurer. After successful careers in film and IT businesses, he became a pioneer in digital photography. His groundbreaking books of wildlife and landscape photography were hailed by the critics and readers alike and became instant bestsellers. Named as an ambassador of the WWF in 2009, Poliza's viewpoint is shaped by his concern for the fragile ecosystems he chronicles.

Publication Date: 14-08-2012

Availability Date: 14-08-2012

Tag: Arts & Photography

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