Brockie : A Memoir in Words, Cartoons and Sketches

ISBN: 9780958232074

Author: Bob Brockie    Publisher: Cartoon Archive

A memoir with a difference. Through much of Bob Brockie's long and colourful life - 80 plus years to date - he has kept a notebook and sketch pad beside him. In this charming book, Dr Robert Brockie remembers - with some help from his diaries - all the highlights. The people (particularly women), places, pioneering scientific work and five decades of political cartooning. There is a strong emphasis on the sketches, portraits, caricatures and cartoons that Brockie is renowned for, but his varied and impressive scientific career is not forgotten. Brockie's life has encompassed editing and illustrating at School Publications, design concepts for Te Papa, DSIR's ground-breaking Orongoronga Valley forest study, possum and hedgehog research, 40 years as National Business Review cartoonist, the writing of a number of books, and over 600 popular newspaper science columns.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 20-02-2015

Availability Date: 06-03-2015

Tags: March 2015   New Zealand   History

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