Bottoms Up In Belgium

ISBN: 9781849532471

Author: Alec Le Sueur    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

‘Brussels and all those Eurocrats on the gravy train? It’s just so boring. Why, youcan’t even name ten famous Belgians!’

Until 1993, Alec had never been to Belgium, so it came as some surprise when in August that year he found himself at the altar of a small church in Flanders, reciting wedding vows in Flemish. It was the start, for better or for worse, of along relationship with this unassuming and much maligned little country. He decided to put worldwide opinion to the test: is Belgium really as boring as people say it is? Immersing himself in Belgian culture – and sampling the local beer and ‘cat poo’ coffee along the way – he discovers a country of contradictions; of Michelin stars and processed food, where Trappist monks make the best beer in the worldand grown men partake in vertical archery and watch roosters sing (not necessarily at the same time). This colourful and eccentric jaunt is proof that Belgium isn’t just a load of waffle.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 320

Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm

Publication Date: 06-01-2014

Availability Date: 03-03-2014

Tags: February 2014   Travel

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