Be Who You Are : The Human Face of Reiki

ISBN: 9780473239886

Author: Anna Simms    Publisher: Fraser Books

Be Who You Are is the story of Anna Simms’ personal Reiki journey. The words “Rei’ and Ki’ are thought to originate from ‘Raku-Kei’ and are from the Japanese language. Raku is the vertical energy flow through the body and Kei is the horizontal energy flow. ‘Raku-Kei’ is the art and science of self-improvement used by ancient Tibetan llamas dating back thousands of years. Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) means Universal Life force and is a system of natural healing which involves the lay-on of hands and distant healing. As Anna Simms says: “It was nearly 30 years ago when I discovered Reiki. I was living in Hong Kong and due to go into hospital for major surgery. It was also the year I decided I would compete in the Dragon Boat races, so I wanted to heal quickly.” Dragon boating seemed impossible, but someone mentioned Reiki. Anna saw a practitioner, made a surprisingly rapid recovery from her operation and competed in national and international Dragon Boat competitions that year on Hong Kong Harbour.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 72

Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm

Availability Date: 01-09-2016

Tags: October 2016   Biography   Health & Wellbeing

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