A Gallipoli Soldiers Secret

ISBN: 9780473287894

Author: Buket Uzuner    Publisher: Antares Publishing

BESTSELLER The novel A Gallipoli Soldier’s Secret is the story of a New Zealand woman’s pilgrimage to Turkey to discover the truth about her great-grandfather’s fate - a Gallipoli soldier who never returned home. During her search she stumbles over dark secrets which have been hidden in a Turkish village for decades. They are so sensitive that disclosure threatens embarrassment for villagers and two old foes -New Zealand and Turkey.
Lyrically written, A Gallipoli Soldier’s Secret paints an informative picture of life in a Turkish village, Turkish culture and history, and the suffering and annihilation Turks endured in WWI. It follows the war through the stories of two soldiers – New Zealander Alistair John Taylor and Turk Ali Osman. Their lives converge with unexpected consequences.
A Gallipoli Soldier’s Secret is unique in that it provides a glimpse of the war from a Turkish perspective. It also vividly reveals village life and a journey of inner conflict and self-discovery.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 300

Dimensions: 135 x 216 x 40 mm

Publication Date: 10-02-2015

Availability Date: 16-02-2015

Tags: July 2014   January / February 2015   March 2016   March 2018   Fiction & Literature   History   Military   New Zealand

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